Is a Career in Finance Something You Should Consider Pursuing?

Jun 09, 2023 By Susan Kelly

People who think analytically and pay close attention to detail make excellent candidates for jobs in high demand in the financial sector. In this industry, various occupations are available outside trading on the stock market floor. However, many of these roles still include financial predictions and investments for customers and corporations.

Because the worlds of finance and technology are converging increasingly, specialists in both industries can maximize returns on investments for people and businesses. This article investigates whether a career in finance is a suitable choice by providing information on average salaries for occupations in the field, as well as expected employment growth rates & answers to commonly posed issues.

Is A Career In Finance A Good Choice?

Making a living in finance is possible. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labour Statistics) of the United States, a personal financial adviser's median salary in 2021 was $94,170. In 2021, the average salary for a job in the business and finance sector was $76,570, much above the national average of $45,760. Furthermore, the highest-paid positions in finance, such as chief executive officer and financial manager, pay well into the six figures.

The business is expanding, providing more employment security for those who want to enter it. The Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts a 7% growth in business and financial occupations, including insurance underwriter and loan officer, between 2021 and 2031.

Nevertheless, the financial sector is very competitive, and newcomers often face challenging conditions in their first jobs. Whether or not working in finance is a smart career choice depends on how much you value work-life balance and love doing the work.

To What Extent Does Working In Finance Benefit Off?

Financial jobs are lucrative. The average annual compensation for financial managers in the United States is $131,710, as reported by the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Many managers, however, make far more than the median income. The starting pay may only tell part of the story. Bonuses for those in the financial sector can be in the hundreds of thousands, if not the millions.

Jobs in the financial sector are among the most secure in the economy. It's worth noting that over one-third of the lowest-performing employees at major companies are let go every year. Many of these roles are unpredictable and subject to significant swings in fortune.

There will always be a demand for competent workers in the finance sector. Companies will always require the services of competent financial managers, regardless of the state of the economy.

Finally, a career in finance might offer substantial promotion opportunities. If you enter the workforce as a financial analyst and prove yourself valuable to the firm, you may rise to the ranks to become a vice president or perhaps the CFO. The potential earnings of a self-employed business owner are limitless.

Are There Any Downsides To Working In Finance?

Of course, no profession is ideal, and the banking industry is no exception. To begin, work in the financial sector can be very demanding. As a financial analyst or manager, your choices can significantly affect your company's bottom line. Having to deal with that type of stress every day may be taxing.

The time commitment often associated with financial matters is another drawback. Working hours on spreadsheets and reports might leave you little time for anything else. If you decide to go in that direction as a profession, balancing work and personal life is important.

It's important to remember that the financial sector is dynamic and ever-evolving. To properly advise your customers, you must stay abreast of any tax laws and regulations changes. You should also always be ready for a sudden downturn in the economy since they occur occasionally. You may have significant effects on both businesses and individuals.

Wrapping It Up

Is a job in the financial sector something you could like to do? That is a query that you can only answer. However, if you are interested in pursuing a career in this lucrative industry, keep in mind that you should carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing so before making any decisions, that you should immediately begin sharpening your abilities, and that you should do research when it comes time to get your first job in finance.

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